Atta or Indian wheat flour is the chief ingredient in several North Indian as well as South Indian main course preparations mainly the flatbreads including chapatti, roti, paratha, puri and nan. In India, atta is milled from the semi-hard wheat varieties called as the durum wheat and therefore atta is often called as durum atta. The branded and packed atta available with us is the pulverized whole wheat and can therefore be called chakki atta, derived from the traditional name for the traditional grinding instrument used in Indian households.

The wholemeal atta is obtained from grinding whole wheat grains which accounts for atta’s brownish color. This is a fiber rich food and therefore has several health benefits including capacity to regulate blood sugar and aiding proper digestive functions. Wheat flour has earned the reputation of being the staple food of a large populace due to its abundant health benefits. Atta is rich in B vitamins including thiamin, folate and vitamin B6. It also has enough amounts of the minerals such as magnesium, zinc and manganese.

We sell a wide range of atta brands from India’s leading manufacturers including Multigrain Atta, Aashirvad Atta, Rajdhani Atta, Nature fresh Atta and Shakti Bhog Atta. In all our offerings, we ensure that the quality is uncompromised and the pricing is highly competitive. Pick up your favorite atta brands from our online store and take home the benefit of lasting health to you and your beloved family. We always intend to get you the best brands at their best prices and in that we stand apart unique.


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